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Mask Decoration Workshop

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How to Decorate a Traditional Venetian Papier-Machè Mask

You will learn how to decorate a papier-machè mask with the help of our artisans.
This activity is an amazing experience, available only here in Venice. Share it with your family, your kids or your friends!

Languages: English, French (a translator is required for other languages)

Time: about two hours

For group of no less than 20 persons: the price is 55,00 € for each person.

For group of no less than 20 students and children under 18: the price is 55,00 € for each person

For small groups (from 2 to 19 persons): the  price is 75,00 € for each person.

Please note that all materials are included (the decorated masks are offered to each guest)

We don’t organize this workshop on Saturday and Sunday and during Carnival (only, upon request).

All these services need to be booked by contacting Atelier Marega by email or phone in order to schedule it.

The activity is booked after the payment of the service chosen: at least four days before the scheduled day for the activity.

Atelier Marega will offer to all participants 10% discount in all its four shops in Venice.


Map View Street View

Yes, this workshop is loved by children. We recommend it for your children starting from 4 years old

You will choose from our stock of white handmade papier machè masks: several shapes available, from modern ones to historical and traditonal ones.

During the mask decoration workshop you will use several materials at your disposal in order: pensils, acrylics, golden and silver leaf, frabrics and much more!

One or more of our artists and experts will follow you step by step, teaching you how to decorate your mask and illustrating you the possibilities to complete your project with the best result

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