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Jump Into the Past

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XVI° Century in Venice is waiting for you! A unique and exclusive tour through the history of the Venetian historical costume till the moment you will wear your favorite one.

Take the opportunity to discover Palazzo Mocenigo – complex of palazzos on the Grand Canal in Venice – and to be surrounded by its atmosphere of the Venetian 1700 splendour.

Our experience leads you to see the original clothings from XVI° century, learn the main sartorial techniques of that epoch, look at the fabrics and discover the hidden meanings behind shapes and colors. Furthemore, this is the opportunity to learn about the habits of the Palace inhabitants. The tour at the Palace will end at the new section dedicated to the perfumes, intriguing element of seduction.  Then, you have the occasion to visit our Atelier Marega in Venice and to personally wear an adrienne or a marsina: everything is handmade. The magic becomes real: surrounded by fabrics, brocades, laces and pannier, you will jump into the past becoming a Venetian citizens of XVI° Century!


Duration: half a day

Languages: Italian and English (for other languages, translator needed)

When: Everyday except Monday. Reservation is mandatory

For groups from 2 to 20 persons


Cultural tour at Palazzo Mocenigo together with an expert of the history of the textile: 85,00 € per group

Palazzo Mocenigo Ticket: 8,00 € per person

Historical costume fitting: 60,0 € per person

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